Fabric, Foam and Finishes

Gala Upholstery has over 45 years experience working with Fabric, Foam and Finishes. Whilst the styling of a job comes down to personal preference, period integrity, various adornments and finishes; the quality of the job comes down to superior craftsmanship and inclusions. Spending a little extra on fabric, foam and finishes is worth the investment.

Gala Upholstery lays their reputation on the line every day in the family run business. Our friendly staff, technical and stylistic knowledge and experience, is met with genuine hard work. We regularly train new staff to become the best tradespeople they can be.

Gala Upholstery has a large designated cutting space, four upholstery stations, four sewing machines and a purpose built spray booth for the in-house French Polisher. The production system is a ‘well oiled machine’ full of an an astute cutter, machinist, upholsters and French Polisher working together to service the customers needs.